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GGD Twente


How do you prevent an outbreak of MRSA, BRMO, flu or Noro? Battle with bacteria and viruses!


Huawei Racer

Increase product knowledge of employees


Move A Lot

To introduce the general public to the core tasks of the Land Registry

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Dried Blood Spot app

The University Medical Center in Groningen (UMCG) and MAD Multimedia have developed the "Dried Blood Spor app". The blood sampled [...]



The entire development and cooperation in the construction of the game is as very pleasant and very constructive experience. The high degree of flexibility and thinking during the development phase is a very important pre to choose for MAD Multimedia as a partner in the future.

Michael Doeser, Leadership Team Training FIOT

MAD and Gaming in Care (EduGidz) were precursors in the educational digital treatment of patients in home care, psychiatry and the UMCG. After 10 years of digital curing, the use of EduGidz-Game will end ! However, not to the very pleasant and creative COLLABORATION with MAD Multimedia. The UMCG continues to make use of this expertise!

Abdul Madaan, E-Learning Developer UMCG

MAD Multimedia is a Game studio with professionals who operate on the cutting edge of creativity, technology and communication. MAD thinks strategically with it, designs and develops effective game applications with impressive results.

Deepak Jadhav, Program Manager ANWB Mobile

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