Serious Games and Gamification


A Game-based campaign is a powerful tool for the interactive experience of a brand or the message to be communicated.

MAD translates the brand or complex message into an insightful, sparkling and valuable experience. In this way, we realise high-quality engagement with users and therefore value creation for our customers.


Gamification and Serious games are used by organisations: change management, business process innovation and training. MAD Multimedia advises on Gamification of (core) processes within organizations, HRM issues, strategy development, innovation and sustainability. MAD gives Incompany masterclasses Gamification and Applied Games for larger organizations.


Serious Games and Gamification are effective tools for learning and training skills and achieving behavioural change. Simulation, storytelling and gameplay are key ingredients.

MAD advises, designs and develops. We see our clients as important knowledge partners in this process.